Yearning is quenched by meeting and seeing, but desire doesn't stop on meeting.

This Sufi saying will be familiar to anyone who constantly invents stories out of sheer enthusiasm and takes them to their audience by telling them. We imagine ourselves back in the time before TV and iPhones, even before books and newspapers. In those days, storytellers made it big: they were the guardians of wisdoms and information, ideas and fantasies that cast a spell over their listeners and filled their minds and souls with the optimism needed for addressing the daily grind.

In the garden of the Kasbah

How would things be if, back then in 1960, an earthquake had not destroyed the kasbah of Agadir with its Moorish café? The story is about the the people who assembled on the "hilltop" on whom fate had played a dastardly trick. They came here without knowing what would happen next. But in talking to other stranded people and to locals they hatch a plan for rebuilding the kasbah from scratch. The tension mounts…

In search of lost wisdom

Yasmin first meets the charismatic Karim under the broad skies of Andalusia, in the Patio de los Naranjos in Córdoba. As they wander together through buildings, sites and countryside, their conversations resurrect Andalusia's history, a past shaped by a peaceful cooperation between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Im Bann der Dschinnen (Under the Spell of the Jinns)

For Caroline, life in the Parisian archaeologists' camp is a new experience when she visits her father in the Syrian desert. But an age-old feud is festering in the heart of the camp's security chief, which extinguishes one life and almost claims another. Caroline flees back to Europe, but the malevolent spirits of the desert that pursue her everywhere she goes. Life tears the family apart. Only when her father returns home a broken man does a long-concealed secret see the light of day.

Die maurische Schatulle (The Moorish Casket)

On a quest for the meaning of life, Tom learns of a Moorish casket which is said to hold the key to happiness. Driven by the ghosts of the Moorish civilization, he finds himself in Andalusia in the time of the caliphs, where he has a close encounter with death...

Als Geist im Reich der Pharaonen (A Ghost in the Kingdom of the Pharaohs)

Magic is in the air when artist Adriana meets the charming Eric, a fellow fan of all things Egyptian. On a Nile cruise, they discover not only the kingdom of the Pharaohs, but also the organized criminality of the wolves in sheep's clothing.